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Norby Marine

Anchor LED light 2nm, black


This high-quality anchor LED light is designed for many years safe and reliable usage in harsh marine environment.

Made in a strong anodized aluminum housing, with PMMA glass and has shock and vibration proof LED for long durability with a very low power consumption. 

For vessels up to 50 meters in length according to COLREGS 1972.

It can be easily installed.


Power:     12/24 VDC - 1W

Lifetime:     > 40.000 hours

Visible distance:     2 Nautical Miles, 360°

Size:     75mm (diameter) x 75mm (height)

IP class:     IP 67

Materials:     Black painted aluminum, PMMA-glass and stainless steel AISI 316


Installation manual >



Anchor LED light 2nm, black